United Microwave Products offers a complete custom cable assembly facility to service your needs. High reliable cable assemblies, rigidly controlled to customer specifications are assembled by experienced personnel trained in the latest microwave assembly techniques. Precision bending and trimming, custom tool design, and total quality control assures that each assembly delivered to our customer meets our 100% guarantee against any defects. Guaranteed performance, availability, plus reasonable cost makes United Microwave Products your number one choice for all cable assembly requirements. Contact us for complete technical and price information regarding your specific requirement Custom Cable Assemblies Types of semi-rigid cable readily available: .047, .085, .141 and .250 Outer jacket available in bare copper(Cu), Tin plated(Sn), Silver plated(Ag), and Spline. Air filled and Helix cable are available on special order.
MICROFLEX 095 is a miniature flexible cable with the approximate size and electrical characteristics of .085 semi-rigid.(part2) 
MICROFLEX 150 is a flexible cable replacementfor the .141 semi-rigid.(part2) 
MICROFLEX 165 is designed for isolation and stability under demanding conditions. It features a totally non-magnetic construction with a fused laminated PTFE core. The shielding characteristics are unsurpassed in a flexible cable.(part2) 
MICROFORM 088 is a handformable replacement for the .086 semi-rigid cable.(part2) 
MICROFORM 139 is a hand formable replacement for the .141 semi-rigid cable.(part2)  
MlCROFLEX 170 is designed for stability & durability under test conditions.  
ECONOFLEX 155 ECONOFLEX 155 is a new cost effective direct replacement for many of the common RG cables in use today.This light duty cable used for applications requIrIng flexibility at an economical price. . 
MICROPORE 160 is a new inexpensive high performance super low loss cable .160in./4.064 mm. over all diameter (with out connectors). ) 
MICROPORE 190 is a new, inexpensive high performance, super low loss cable  
MICROFLEX 098 MICROFLEX 098 Flexible Cable Assemblies. Contact UNITED MICROWAVE PRODUCTS INC. Phone 310-320-1244 Fax 310-320-9729 Email umpinc@pacbell.net for other types of Precision Cables .